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04/11/2020 Mozambique (International Christian Concern) – Mozambique has been suffering from a growing Islamist insurgency based mostly in the north of the country. The Cabo Delgado region of Mozambique is an important area for its mineral and natural resources. Despite these resources, the locals have benefited very little from them. Most of the money is taken away by wealthy businesses or business owners. This has created discontent amongst the local populations.

Now that a Islamic militant group has moved into the area, it is essential for the government to have the support of the local populace. However, because of the discontent, the jihadists have been able to gain some of their own support. Ove the past month, they have been able to seize control of multiple towns for a short period and conduct other attacks on cities to gain supplies. They have however avoided killing civilians in most of these attacks. They have even given some of the supplies that they have stolen from government building to the local civilians in an attempt to win their support.

On April 6, the militants again attacked the region. During this attack on Meangalewa and Muidumbe villages, the militants again did not kill anyone. However, with growing audacity, they did burn down a church and took multiple people captive. This may be in an attempt to ransom them back to their families or as a way to gain slaves. The intent of the kidnappings has not been made clear yet. The burning down of the church is also one of the first acts of aggression towards the Christian population since the beginning of the jihadist’s insurgency. Please pray that these attacks are stopped and that the local Christian population is able to withstand anything that is brought against them

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