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04/10/2020 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern)In many Muslim countries, Christians are considered third-class citizens. Christian children are denied a quality education, while their parents are without access to capital to start businesses and suffer constant job discrimination. This leaves them stuck in an unending multi-generational cycle of poverty. But not anymore!

By God’s grace, we hope to transform an entire community through Hope House, sparking life back into those who have been cast aside for generations.


Have you ever thought that there might be a connection between persecution and education? Most people would never think that because they think persecution, it’s a martyr. It’s imprisonment. It’s torture and that’s all true. But persecution is so much deeper and I want to explain this to you. And to do so I want to tell you a story. I’m going to tell you the story about Hana. Hana is a boy, first of all, and he’s a real kid. And in his country there’s lots of persecution. When he goes to school, he gets picked on for being a Christian. He’s forced to go to Muslim classes and the level of education is terrible. So often that is by design in these countries, it keeps the Christians down.

So anyways, Hana has experienced lots of persecution. He’s seen it. And guess what his dream is? He wants to be a lawyer and he wants to help the weak and disadvantaged. He wants to help his brothers and sisters. Now think about this, though. Hana’s father makes $90 a month and he’s a carpenter. So put that package together and you tell me, what are the chances of Hana becoming a lawyer? It’s pretty low, right? Now, I’m going to make it even worse. This is all real. In his country, in most of the country, here’s what happens with Christian kids. The parents will take them out of school when they’re 10 to 11 years old. And this is the crazy thing. That is a rational decision because the level of that education is so bad, it doesn’t do them any good to keep the kids in school when they could be out learning their trade and making money.

So that’s the situation for Hana. How do we help that? That’s all really a package of persecution, because education is terrible. Christians are kept on the bottom rung of society. So here’s what we do. Our solution is called Hope House and we give these kids hope is what we do. So we take him out of school, after school, and instead of building giant schools and giant classrooms, massive investments of money, we take them into a center and in the afternoon we teach them just a couple things. We teach them math. We teach them English. We teach them Arabic.

Now, in a rural area, in a uneducated area, what happens to that kid when he has those simple skills? He becomes the genius and he becomes highly marketable. That’s what we’re doing with these kids. We also work with the family. We get the Gospel to the family. We give support for the family. So the family is incentivized to keep the kids in school. That’s Hope House. That’s what we’re doing. We’re really giving these kids a dream. We’re giving them the chance to have a life they never could have dreamed of, and the only way it happens is if you say I want to help my little brother and sister. I want to adopt that kid, so to speak, and I’ll take care of him and his education. It’s Hope House. It’s an amazing thing. I urge you to sign up. God bless you guys. Thank you so much.