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04/08/2020 Africa (International Christian Concern) – It is feared that many people were killed in Kirchinga village of Adamawa State on Monday, April 6. The attack was conducted by Boko Haram militants who came out of the Sambisa Forest, a long time stronghold for the group, which the government has claimed to have cleared on a number of occasions. This attack came despite a lockdown across the state of Adamawa which is stopping movement throughout the area. The lockdown is meant to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19.

According to locals reporting the incident to local news sources, the attackers entered the village late that night in pick-up trucks and motorcycles and started shooting people. They also burned down many homes and businesses in the village. It is likely that the group was using the attack as a way to gain supplies, which one local said he saw them taking off. These kinds of raids have made it possible for the group to continue their insurgency because it gives them access to many of the supplies they need such as food, medicine and clothing.

Though the group was able to enter the town and kill and destroy, the locals also said that the military was able to respond relatively quickly and repel the attackers before the entire town was lost. This is good as many of the attacks are over before the military is even able to arrive. This often adds to the distrust for military personnel and a belief that they are either complicit in the attacks or just don’t want to stop them. Pray that this hateful group would soon be defeated and that their actions would not lead to the increased spread of the disease.

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