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04/07/2020 Turkey (International Christian Concern) – The Council of Europe has released its annual report for 2019 which details the executions and judgements taken by the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR). The report showed that Turkey ranked second in failing to implement ECtHR judgments, coming behind Russia. Turkey was sentenced to pay 2,170,693 Euros.

Turkey had made a bid to join the European Union, which involves having to meet a number of standards that includes human rights and religious freedom. However, while Turkey has kept that bid open, it has moved further and further away from these standards. Nevertheless, it is common practice within Turkey for human rights victims to make appeals to the ECtHR should their case fail within the Turkish legal system. This includes several religious minorities who have made plans for ECtHR appeals should their case not move forward. However, as this report released by the Council of Europe demonstrates, Turkey has not demonstrated an interest in implementing these decisions.

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