In Pictures: Persecution in New Delhi

Photography by John Fredricks.
The flags of a Hindu nationalist group rest atop a building under construction in a slum area of New Delhi. Christian ministry in the area is growing despite the government shutdown of Compassion International school and orphanage sites in 2017. Photo: John Fredricks
A Hindi Bible belonging to a Christian family sits in a home within New Delhi city limits. Photo: John Fredricks
A slum area in New Delhi, India is now the site of a major increase in Christian ministry, even after government action against Christian schools and orphanages in the area. Photo: John Fredricks
Sandals belonging to elementary-aged students sit just outside a classroom in a slum area in New Delhi. The school, a former Compassion International site, was shut down by the Indian government in 2017, leaving many students and orphans in the area without access to education and resources. Former Indian Christian staff members continue to teach the children, with little to no payment. Photo: John Fredricks
A child sits on a road in front of a former Compassion International school in a slum in New Delhi, India. The school was shut down by the Indian Government in 2017, due to the organization’s Christian beliefs. Photo: John Fredricks

John Fredricks is an award winning photojournalist based in Los Angeles. His work appears everywhere from National Geographic Adventure to Time Magazine. Passionate about social and humanitarian issues, he wants to impact his generation through a visual medium and put the spotlight on issues around the world. He has launched himself into locations and situations where his life and health were likely in danger in order to use his gift and skill in photography to share the truth. His camera is only an extension of the genuine love and care John feels for those around him.

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