Sudanese Government Return Confiscated Truck to Church, After 8 Years

03/30/2020 Sudan (International Christian Concern) – The new Transitional Government in Sudan has made another step towards peace and freedom for Christians. This past week, the government returned a truck to a Baptists Church in the capital city, Khartoum. The truck had been seized by the National Intelligence and Security Services(NISS) in 2012 as it was traveling from the capital to the town of El-Obeid. The truck had been carrying some students and Christmas materials to some other believers in the area for the holiday season.

The return of this truck shows that the government is serious about ending the complete hostility that the Bashir regime had for all Christians. It also shows that they are working to return property to the churches that was confiscated illegally.  They must not stop here however. There are dozens of church buildings and parcels of land that were taken by Bashir and his corrupt committees. All of these properties must be retaken and given back to the original owners and churches if at all possible. If they cannot be given back, the churches must be compensated for the full amount of the land and allowed to purchase property in or near the same area. If these steps are taken, then it will be a full sign that the new government in Sudan wants freedom of religion for all.

Despite these continuing signs of change from the government, there have been several attacks on churches over the past four months. Three churches were burned down in South Eastern Sudan. No one has been arrested or tried for these attacks. Then again in the past two months, another two churches were burned down. One was in the capital city. The other was located in Eastern Sudan. The government must work to end the prejudices that the Bashir regime bolstered and instigated. They must work to protect the minority groups that come under attack by radicals and Bashir supporters. Please pray that Sudan would see a true change of heart and that it would become fully free.

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