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03/30/2020 Syria (International Christian Concern) – The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have announced that ISIS members held in Ghweran Prison, located in the city of Hasakah, rioted on Sunday and some managed to escape during the ensuing chaos. The numbers and identities of those who escaped is not yet clear.

The prison is located in a city that historically has a strong Christian presence, an existence which has been partially maintained despite the many violent challenges that Syria has undergone. The escape of ISIS members from a local prison again puts Christians in the region at risk, as ISIS has never changed their genocidal ideology despite their military defeat. The security in Hasakah remains on high alert and international coalition planes are conducting surveillance over the area in an attempt to locate the escapees.

The incident has long been predicted by many observers. Although ISIS was militarily defeated and no longer holds territory, the question of how to handle captured ISIS members has been met with less resolve. The SDF has warned repeatedly—especially after the Turkish invasion last fall—that they lack the resources needed to maintain ISIS prisoners. Many of these prisoners are foreign nationals, but their home countries have refused to take them back.

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