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03/23/2020 Egypt (International Christian Concern) – As part of Egypt’s broader campaign against the Muslim Brotherhood, the Dar el-Ifta’s Global Fatwa Index has announced its findings about fatwas issued by the terrorist organization.

The index reports a number of fatwas issued by both the Brotherhood and ISIS which calls for discrimination against Christians and women. This includes fatwas relating to the building of churches and stealing the money of non-Muslims. Although the index releases its findings in a limited manner, it does note that this is part of a larger trend of fatwas being issued by extremist groups who want to spread their agendas and benefit from the wealth of those who do not follow their belief system.

Egypt has cracked down hard against the Muslim Brotherhood, who had previously been legal and won several elections in the country. The current government has tightened restrictions on the Brotherhood as part of its own agenda to remain in power. While publishing information about the fatwas which impact Christians is helpful, it is worth noting the current government has made limited improvements for Egyptian Christians. The primary improvement is updating the process for churches to gain legalization, but one cannot forget that building new churches in Egypt remains an extremely burdensome process that few are able to achieve.

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