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03/23/2020 Somalia (International Christian Concern) – Al-Shabaab, one of the world’s most active and largest terrorist groups, is increasing it aggression towards the United States and its’ citizens. According to the New York Times, the group has made specific threats to the United States, not only in East Africa, but in the international community as well. These threats include potential attempts of terrorist activity in the United States as well.

One of the major threats recently has been the arrest of at least two al-Shabaab affiliates who were caught trying to learn how to fly commercial airplanes in different countries. One of them was caught in the Philippines and is known to have been researching aviation threats, aircraft hijacking and falsifying travel documents. All of these point to a plot similar to that of the largest terrorist attack in American history, 9-11.

The group has almost made statements that their operatives should target Americans at any opportunity. The group may be using these statements to garner international attention, however, it still leaves Americans at risk of any attacks that they do commit.

Al-Shabaab has already begun increasing their international attacks, with many attacks taking place on Kenyan soil. There have been at least 6 attacks already this year that have specifically targeted Christians in Kenya. These attacks have left at least 20 people killed and others injured. They are targeting Christians in Kenya as a way to retaliate against Kenya’s support of the Somali Federal government through AMISOM. The group very likely may start to try and use these same terror tactics against American civilians and workers in East Africa in the coming days. Please pray for the safety of those who live near or in Somalia and are at risk of suffering at the hands of this hateful group.

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