ICC Supports Youth Leader in Sri Lanka

03/18/2020 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) – Pastor Samuel has a heart for serving the children in his community. He and his wife minister to approximately 140 children in their community, paying close attention to those with special needs and those who need extra assistance with their studies. Many of the children come from poverty-stricken homes, and their families are unable to provide Pastor Samuel with any financial support. Furthermore, the pastor and his wife have opened up their own home to four children in need.

On top of the financial struggles, Pastor Samuel faces threats from local Buddhists who are concerned that he is converting the children. Still, the pastor persists in his ministry, confident that the Lord will provide and protect.

In addition to agricultural support pro­vided by our partners on the ground, ICC provided materials for Pastor Samuel to manufacture flowerpots, which is a grow­ing industry in his region. The extra income generated through this business venture will allow Pastor Samuel to devote more of his attention toward his ministry.

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