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03/14/2020 Sudan (International Christian Concern) – In a surprising move, the Minister of Religious Affairs, Nasr al-Sin Mufreh, signed an order abolishing all government appointed committees that over saw religious groups. These committees were established by the Bashir regime in order to control and demolish churches in Khartoum. Many church leaders and members were harassed after these committees claimed to have ownership and responsibility for the buildings. Some of these leaders were arrested on trespassing charges because they were in their own churches without the authorization of these committees, which were run by government officials who were Muslims.

Though this is a very hopeful sign that Sudan is actually dismantling the worst vestiges of the Bashir regime, they must still continue to give and protect the rights of all religious minorities. This means that all church properties which were confiscated under Bashir must be returned to their owners, and any churches that were destroyed should be rebuilt by the government. Also, permits for new churches must be allowed so that Christians can have the right to start their own churches where they live. Once these are implemented, I believe that it will be a real sign of change from the new government in Sudan.

Please continue to pray for real change to take root in Sudan. Pray that the new government would have wisdom and would create peace in this country. Pray that Christians would be allowed to worship freely without fear of attack or arrest. Sudan, who ranked as the 6th worst country in the world for persecution of Christians on Open Door’s World Watch List, could fall way down the list if they continue to take these measures and show that there are new ideals leading their government.

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