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03/11/2020 Sudan (International Christian Concern) – According to Sudan News now, Sudan’s new Minister of Education, Mohamed Al-Amin Al-Toam, has announced to church leaders in Sudan that the government will now take Christian holidays and Sundays into consideration when creating student exam schedules. This is an extreme shift in policy as the country has for years told Christians that they would have to conduct schooling on Sundays and other religious days.

For Islam in Sudan, the weekend is Friday and Saturday. This means that Sunday holds no special place and is like any of the other schooldays. Christianity has not been allowed to be taught in public schools for more than 30 years. This has created a skeptical and unbelieving Christian Community. In an interview with the MorningStar News, Rev. Yahya Abdelrahim Nalu, Sudan Presbyterian Evangelical Church, said Christians have rights and shouldn’t have to beg for them. “We are tired of such promises from the government,” Pastor Nalu told Morning Star News. “We need action to show the good motives from the government.”

Not only did Al-Toam tell church leaders that Christian holidays would be considered, but he also reportedly told Coptic leaders that the government is considering allowing Christian teachers into schools to teach Christianity. All of these promises sound amazing. It is time that the Sudanese government upholds these promises though. Only two months ago, three churches in the SouthEastern region of Sudan were burned down for a second time. Since that took place, nobody has been arrested or held responsible. These kinds of incidences show the Christian community of Sudan that Al-Toam’s promises are empty and will not change anything. Please pray that the Sudanese government would uphold their promises and that there would be new freedoms in Sudan for Christians.

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