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03/09/2020 India (International Christian Concern) – A Christian pastor in India’s Madhya Pradesh state was left in critical condition after being attacked by a mob of radical Hindu nationalists last week. According to the latest reports, the pastor remains in the hospital in critical condition and has a long recovery period ahead.

At approximately 9:30 a.m. on March 4, Pastor Isaac Palouse’s car was surrounded by a group of radical Hindu nationalists while returning from dropping off his children at school. The 48-year-old pastor was accused by the radicals of converting Hindus to Christianity and spreading a foreign religion.

According to Pastor Palouse, the radicals then beat him severely using wooden clubs. When he fell to the ground, the radicals then rode over him with a motorcycle. As a result of the attack, Pastor Palouse sustained a severe head injury, a broken elbow, several broken ribs, and a broken hand. The radicals also damaged Pastor Palouse’s car.

The attack took place a kilometer off the main road in Sehore, so there were no individuals that could intervene. The radicals left Pastor Palouse injured on the side of the road.

When Pastor Palouse was discovered, he was rushed to the local hospital in Sehore. There, Pastor Palouse remains in critical condition.

Although he seems to be out of danger, there is long way to go for him to recover,” Pastor Uttam Kumar, told International Christian Concern (ICC). “With the kind of brutality unleased on Pastor Isaac, there is a climate of fear and intimidation among the local Christian community. Local Christians are even scared to identify themselves as a Christian.

According to local Christians, Pastor Palouse is an active member and elder of the Grace Fellowship Church in Sehore. Pastor Palouse regularly participates in outreach work and often used his car to transport others doing outreach. Pastor Kumar believes this activity is likely why Pastor Palouse was targeted and attacked.

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