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03/05/2020 Egypt (International Christian Concern) – An unknown Egyptian woman and man are making serious attempts to target vulnerable Christian women and girls, according to local media. The individuals pose as a nun and priest, prompting Pope Tawadros to make a statement denying that they have any affiliation with the church. Their real identity remains unknown.

The individuals are making use of social media to find potential targets. They then make contact with the prospective target, using their fake identities to illicit personal details from them. Threats are later made against the targets. It is not clear whether this is a scam for money or part of an attempt to identify vulnerable girls for kidnapping.

The woman posing as a nun goes by the name Theodora and has photo shopped pictures of her with Pope Tawadros. She posts ads for recruiting girls and women for jobs. Theodora often begins the conversation with the target before the man posing as the priest joins into the dialogue.  Because the kidnapping of Christian girls is commonplace in Egypt and often leads to forced marriages and conversion, the activities of this couple has caused significant alarm.

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