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03/05/2020 China (International Christian Concern) – Two online churches, Fuman Church and Qingsham Church, have persisted as Hubei, China handles the COVID-19 outbreak. The leader of Fuman Church online, Li, commented saying that the virus outbreak was a call to all churches to save souls. And that is exactly what he, and many others, are trying to do.

By using encoded, video and chatting apps, pastors are able to share Bible studies via the internet with their congregations. Brother Li originally began broadcasting outreach for those with physical disabilities or those in rural, remote areas for whom the travel to a church would have been too difficult.

One downside that online pastors have observed is the mixture of theology available in online forums. While mature Christians can identify solid teachings, there is concern over the non-Christian or new Christians exposure to heretical cults.

The two churches serve thousands of congregants every week. Rev. Gao of Qingsham Church said, “I keep feeling peace in my heart and pray that the plague would stop and the society and church services would return to normal. I pray to God to protect the frontline staff.”

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