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03/05/20 Mauritania (International Christian Concern) – In Mauritania, in mid-February, seven people were accused of being political activists against the Islamic republic. They were all charged with terrorism crimes against Islam. 12 other activists were initially arrested. A source reported that three of the people were arrested in Mauritania because the authorities claimed they were involved in “preaching the Christian religion,” and distributing Bibles.

14 of the total arrested were accused of belonging to the Arem group (Alliance for the Re-foundation of the Mauritanian State). A judge charged seven of the arrested with “offending the Muslim religion”, “insults against Allah”. Some of the lawyers have been able to release the two feminist activists, and the three Christians because they had human rights lawyers. The secular detainees do not have lawyers and are still in prison.

Pray for justice and mercy for those still in prison without advocates.

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