ICC Provides Medical Care for Shooting Survivors in Nigeria

03/02/2020 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) – In August 2019, Fulani militants carried out an attack in Plateau State, Nigeria, shooting three members of a local Baptist church. By the grace of God, the three young men sur­vived, each with gunshot wounds.

Over the past several years, Fulani militants have terrorized Christian communities in the region. Fulani herdsmen have forced Christian farmers to abandon their farms, while they sweep in and allow their cattle to graze on the Christians’ crops. As a result, the Christian population has found itself severely impov­erished. Making matters worse, because of their dire financial situation, they often cannot afford the cost of medical emergencies when attacks like this take place.

Following the attack, the three men were brought to the hospital to treat their wounds. One was shot in the shoulder, another on the hand, and the other on the arm. Through your generous support, ICC visited the men as they recovered in the hospital and covered the cost of their medical bills.

One of the men expressed, “Since we were discharged, we have been going back to the hospital to have the wounds dressed. The heal­ing is progressing well. I am very grateful to all who assisted us. May God reward them.”

Another shared, “I’m feeling a lot better as the healing progresses. I’m so grateful to God and to [the] brethren who helped. May God bless them much more.”

In light of this shooting, we are grateful that these three men survived and that we had the opportunity to support them as they seek the medical care they need. Although the physical and emotional scars may take time to heal, we are grateful that you have stood by their side on the path to recovery.

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