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03/02/2020 Nigeria (International Christian Concern) – According to the Voice of America, Hausa, an attack on the village of Kerewa in Kaduna state took place on Sunday. During the attack, over 50 people were killed. According to locals who spoke with VOA, “These killers are Boko Haram. They stormed our village killing indiscriminately… they spared nobody… the young, the old, even Almajiris are not spared.” This large attack shows that there is still a very large insecurity issue in Nigeria.

The locals continued by saying, “They continued to shoot people, setting fire on the dead and on property. It was extremely horrific! … They went from one room to the other, a man and his children were killed, even new born babies … We have over 50 dead now,we are yet to bury them. It will take hours to bury the dead. These killers are not just bandits … they are Boko Haram..they did not steal anything, they just killed and burnt peoples’ belongings.”

If this attack was conducted by Boko Haram, then it is clear that they have more power and ability to conduct large attacks than they have had in recent years. This would be one of the most southern attacks that they have ever conducted. If it is not Boko Haram, then it can also not be claimed as banditry. There is some attempt to displace people from land. This attack shows that attacks are not only meant to steal supplies, but to take control of land. Please pray for those who lost family and friends in this latest violence in Nigeria.

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