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By Gina Goh

03/01/2020 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) – The Root and Foot Christian Church (RFCC) is situated at the very center of the Coronavirus epidemic – Wuhan, China. When the outbreak happened, the church’s senior pastor decided to stay to care for his sheep, rescue the lives of unbelievers, and calm the fearful souls of Christians.

In an online webinar, titled “Chinese Churches Standing Firm Amid the Outbreak,” hosted by the Chinese Congress on World Evangelization on February 27, pastor Huang Lei shared how his church has witnessed God’s grace in spite of the challenging situation faced by Wuhan residents.

“The Wuhan Pneumonia (officially known as COVID-19) is a rarely seen disaster in human history, yet everything presents an opportunity to glorify God,” he said.

RFCC has a few members who might have contracted the virus, but they have all recovered. One of the two members who tested positive for COVID-19 has stayed home to receive treatment, while the other one has received care in the hospital.

In response to the outbreak, RFCC has stopped its service and changed it to online worship. Currently RFCC has 550 members, divided into 54 small groups. More than 30 small groups gather online daily for one to two hours, praying, studying Bible, worshipping, and sharing with one another. The members became even more closely knit.

Most churches with more than 100 members in Wuhan have members who are either confirmed patients of COVID-19, or still waiting to be confirmed. In light of this, RFCC sends out ten members with protective gears daily to deliver meals, masks, sanitizing spray, Chinese medicine, and other antivirus supplies for vulnerable Christians to take care of their needs. Through this, they show the love of Christ, and model Jesus who was nailed to the cross, sacrificing Himself to give salvation for mankind.

“We have seen God’s grace after the outbreak of Coronavirus,” Huang shared. Last year RFCC was almost banned by the government, and in response to the crisis, they have moved the service online, thus building technical foundation to the online gathering now.

In addition, the nationwide fasting movement held from February 3-5 initiated by RFCC was once stopped by the local authorities. But now they have recognized RFCC’s actions. A police officer even said that there is a need to pray for this city.

“If Christians are more afraid of death than the world during a disaster, then the suffering they have endured would be in vain. God wants us to overcome difficulties through Him. This epidemic provides an opportunity for us to introspect our faith, reflect on ourselves, strengthen our spiritual life and to depend on God,” he added.

Please continue to pray for Wuhan, as the city is still being quarantined, and residents are finding it hard to buy groceries and supplies, as many communities have blocked off entrances and permits are required to get out from their communities.

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