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03/01/2020 Nigeria (International Christian Concern) – Large numbers of Fulani herders have moved with their cattle into Benue State in Nigeria. This is of massive concern as open grazing is no longer legal in the state. This move goes directly against the law and many of the local farmers have become very fearful of renewed attacks. Estimate are that there are hundreds of Fulani herders along with as many as 4,000 cows.

The Anti-Open Grazing bill which was enacted in November 2017, made it so that herders had to buy or open ranches if they wanted to keep cattle in Benue State. The law was met with a lot of outrage by the largely nomadic herding tribe. They saw it as an attack on their culture and way of life. However, in response to this law, nearly 100 Christians were killed between the time the law was enacted and the end of January 2018. Massacres and mass burials became a constant situation in Benue. Shortly after this though, the total death in Benue due to Fulani militant aggression against Christian farmers drastically decreased. This means that this law saved many lives.

Those who are now breaking that law must be held accountable. They must not be allowed to openly thwart the government. Christian citizens in Nigeria must be protect the same as all other citizens. If the Benue government does not have the capacity to enforce this law, then the Federal government must step in to ensure that their states laws are followed. Please pray for the people of Benue and for fair governance to reign in Nigeria.

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