A Small Seed, When Cared for, Grows into a Tree that Provides

By Nathan Johnson

02/27/2020 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern)A dark cloud covered us when we received news that Kevin was no more. He used to be a teacher at Qarsa Primary School, northeastern Kenya and we were hopeful that he would succeed and uplift our family in the future,” said Beatrice.

Beatrice Musimbi and her family had placed all of their hopes and dreams in Kevin’s hands by giving him a better education than most receive in Kenya. When he succeeded in becoming a teacher, the family believed that they would be cared for in the following years. Beatrice suffered a great loss when her son, Kevin, was killed by al-Shabaab. When ICC first visited Kevin’s mother, she was devastated by her son’s death and the family was in tears. Kevin was the only hope of the family.

We had sold everything in the family to make sure that Kevin got an education. We felt empty and robbed of everything. But our journey to recovery began when you came to pray for us and later assisted us to start a small business.

In March 2018, Beatrice, received assistance from ICC in the form of a small shop. From a handful of shop items, Beatrice Musimbi has grown her small shop to a one-stop mini-market for all household items you can think of, ranging from utensils to bedding. From a distance, our local representative could not recognize the shop he had helped build in May 2018, because it is now stocked with piles of mattresses at the entrance and racks of shoes and slippers on both sides of the shop doors.

From the seed that you planted, we have been watering and weeding around it tirelessly and today we are seeing a growing plant that has begun bearing fruits. I injected all the small amounts I received from friends after Kevin was killed in my business. The shop that you see today is a combination of hard work and determination. I also get small loans from our women’s group to buy new items that are in-demand,” she noted.

Beatrice shows just what can happen when those of us who are blessed stand with those who have suffered persecution. She has turned from the point where she had lost all hope and dignity to now she is able to fully care for her family. She proudly stated, “I have attracted many customers because of my consistency in opening the shop daily and good pricing compared to other shops here. I also get new customers referred to my shop by other satisfied customers.

The purpose of assisting persecution victims with livelihood projects is to improve their living conditions by beginning alternative sources of income. Kevin’s family has succeeded in turning their shop into a stable source of income which provides enough for the whole family. “Now I do not struggle to buy food at home. I am getting enough money to sustain my business and support my family. I am very grateful to you for the huge support you have given me,” concluded Beatrice.

There are many people like Beatrice who have suffered great losses. We who are blessed with wealth and stability have a chance to stand with our persecuted family by helping them find hope and dignity as well. Please consider partnering with us to serve our brothers and sisters around the world by giving today to the Rescue Fund.

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