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02/27/2020 Africa (International Christian Concern) – The Islamic State group that was started in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) was defeated in March 2019. The last of their territory in the Middle East was seized by US forces in Syria. It appears as if the group then set their eyes on Africa as a new training and operational area. Over the past several years, they have gained allegiance or started several of their owns sects in different areas of Africa. They have a well-known and very active sect known as Islamic State, West Africa Province, based out of Nigeria. They have also gained allegiance from al-Shabaab, the Somalia-based terror group who has been killing people and destroying property in Somalia and Kenya.

Now, they have a newer sect known as the Islamic State Central Africa Province (ISCAP) based out of DRC and Mozambique. This sect started as early as 2018, but has become much more active in recent months according to the group. Conflict has been rising in the north of Mozambique and has displaced more than 100,000 people. Hundreds have been kidnapped or killed. ISCAP has claimed responsibility for much of this activity.

Some international groups have claimed that this is ISCAP’s attempt to make themselves known, and that they are not actually responsible for many of the attacks. This however does not stop the fact that there is a growing crisis in Mozambique and eastern DRC, that can be tied to self-proclaimed jihadist groups. If these groups, including ISCAP, ISWAP and al-Shabaab, are able to gain momentum, they could turn the African continent into another Iraq or Syria, but on a much larger scale. This could involve hundreds of millions of people and endanger whole countries. The whole world needs to take this seriously and stop the growing situation. Please pray that their would be a concerted effort to stop these groups from gaining control like ISIS had in the Middle East.

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