A Farmland for Persecuted Hmong Christians in Vietnam

Chao Vang* and his wife appreciate ICC’s assistance.

02/26/2020 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) – Chao Vang* and his wife are ethnic Hmong who resided in Son La province in the Northwest region of Vietnam. Their decision to follow Christ in August 2018 turned their lives upside down.

He soon was taken by village administrators and forced to recant his faith several times. After he repeatedly refused, a shaman was brought to his house and he was asked to perform Hmong traditional worship rituals. Yet he still refused to comply.

Seeing his persistence, several villagers came to his house in October and tied him up. The village elder slapped him six times and requested someone to burn chili peppers and blow the acrid, spicy smoke towards Chao Vang’s eyes.

While Chao Vang was being tortured, a villager said to him, “The Vietnamese Communist Party founder Hồ Chí Minh had built the nation, including all the cropland, and therefore this leader deserved to be followed instead of Jesus.”

Another villager said that if Chao Vang wanted to worship Christ, he should be expropriated and expelled from the village.

Although he was finally let go, what awaited him this time was pressure from his family. On October 23, his brothers and cousins who disapproved his new faith came and took his family’s possessions. His uncle also ordered Chao Vang’s wife and child to come and stay with him.

Unable to endure the suppression any longer, Chao Vang took his wife and their young kid and fled to a community in Dak Lak Province in January 2019.

Since his relatives took all his properties, he could only sell a few sacks of rice, gathering barely enough money for their escape. Without any money left, they were enduring extreme hardship in their new community, working odd jobs to put food on the table.

Upon learning their needs, ICC worked with a partner to buy a piece of farmland, about 0.35 acre for cultivation to ensure that he and his family will not go hungry.

With gratitude, Chao Vang told ICC, “I would like to thank you, ICC, and wish you all with a new year full of peace and happiness, that you succeed in all your work.”

He also asked for prayers for his family, so that they will stay healthy, having stronger belief in the Lord, and will love God more.

*Name changed for security purposes.

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