ERCC Members Told to Stop Caring for Imprisoned Pastor’s Parents

02/25/2020 China (International Christian Concern) – As China battles with the Coronavirus epidemic, members of the Early Rain Covenant Church (ERCC) were told to stop showing concerns for their imprisoned pastor’s parents.

According to a source who is familiar with ERCC updates, local authorities visited an ERCC member recently, warning the Christian not to hold any activities under the name of ERCC. “I know you are trying to organize a meat delivery to your [imprisoned] pastor’s parents online. I advise you not to do that. You should leave them alone for a while and not to ‘twist the knife,’” said one security official.

The member responded, “I am Shuya’s (pastor Wang Yi’s son) teacher, and I call pastor’s mother once a month to ask what their needs are, and how Shuya is. When a friend is in difficulties, we should show concerns and help. Even if you are not a believer, you should know that it’s not against the law?”

The teacher added, “Whether or not we are “twisting the knife,” it should be decided by the stakeholders. If Mama Wang told me that this is twisting the knife and I bring her pain, I will certainly shut up and not contact them anymore. In addition, pastor’s parents are elderly and buying groceries is not convenient for them. Are you going to ban us from buying some meat and sending the food through delivery?”

After the local authorities demanded the member to “respect one another and follow the rules,” the teacher protested that they have been following the rules, while the authorities have not. For a long time, police have stationed outside of their home without following any legal procedure and documents, wasting taxpayers’ money. “If I am against the law, you can arrest or sentence me accordingly, but please follow the procedure,” the teacher argued.

Pastor Wang Yi was sentenced to nine years of imprisonment for “subversion of state power” and “illegal business operation” in December. While his parents still live under surveillance, they are doing fine. His wife is now living in a house rented by the police, while their son was forcibly sent to attend public school (he used to receive Christian education), though he seems to be doing well at school. Please continue to pray for pastor Wang and his family.

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