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02/17/2020 Syria (International Christian Concern) –  The Syrian Parliament recognized the massacre of Armenian Christians in 1915 as genocide on Thursday, a recognition which many recognize as political maneuvering against Turkey rather than a sincere recognition of the genocide.

The relationship between Turkey and Syria has come under intense strain this month as the two engage in military confrontation in Idlib. The two countries have come to blows over the province, with both wanting territorial access to it. Turkey’s actions in Syria increased greatly last fall with an invasion into the northeast. The aftermath of the invasion had disastrous humanitarian consequences, especially for Syria’s few remaining Christians. Following their invasion, Turkey began recruiting Syrian mercenaries from these areas to fight in Libya.

Last April, Libya pursued a similar course of action by recognizing the genocide. Turkey was increasing their military activities in Libya, prompting a political resolution by Libya which condemned the genocide. Both Syria and Libya are embroiled by civil war which has pitted local and international factions against one another. Turkey’s military activities in both countries has drawn condemnation, or encouragement, depending on the faction.

The Armenian genocide is widely known as a sensitive subject for Turkey, who within their own country actively discourages its recognition. Turkey had massacred hundreds of thousands of Armenian Christians, deporting the survivors, including many to Syria. The genocide effectively eliminated Christianity from the country.

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