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02/13/2020 India (International Christian Concern) In February 2019, Podiya Madakami, a woman from India’s Odisha state, converted to Christianity. After only one year of being a Christian, Podiya has been forced to become strong in her faith due to the persecution she has experienced at the hands of her family.

When Podiya’s husband discovered her conversion to Christianity, he became very angry. At first, he tried to beat her into submission and force her to renounce her new faith. Podiya endured this harsh treatment and even attempted to share the Gospel with her husband. Podiya was even able to share her Christian faith with her daughter during this difficult time.

Eventually, Podiya’s husband, enraged by her enduring faith, decided to kick Podiya and their daughter out of the family home. That was ten months ago in April 2019.

Brutally beaten, estranged, thrown out, and abandoned by her husband, Podiya found shelter with a Christian family in a nearby village. To this day, she relies on this Christian family’s provision, grace, and love for her and her daughter’s livelihood.

I do not have a regular income, but work whenever I get work as a day laborer,” Podiya recently told International Christian Concern (ICC). “I am leading my life only by the grace of God.

Despite the brutal persecution Podiya has experienced at the hands of her husband, she told ICC that she continues to pray for him and the two sons she was force to leave behind when she was kicked out of her home.

I request all to pray for my husband and sons that they may also be saved,” Podiya told ICC.

Across India, instance of persecution and religious intolerance continue to be reported. According to the Alliance Defending Freedom India, India’s Christian community documented some 328 violent incidents of persecution in 2019 alone. However, instances of persecution metered out by family members, like that experienced by Podiya, are likely not counted among those documented incidents. Let us remember in pray all those in India facing persecution because of their choice to follow Jesus.

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