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02/12/2020 Turkey (International Christian Concern) –  A Syriac priest in Turkey’s southeast has been indicted by the authorities for joining a terrorist organization after he was accused of providing food and water to the PKK. He was arrested on January 9th along with two others by anti-terrorism police, with no immediate access to a lawyer. He was formally indicted on January 16th, but this information was withheld by the authorities until February 8th.

The PKK is an internationally recognized terrorist organization with a history of targeting Christians, such as in the recent case where the PKK abducted an elderly Christian couple. The PKK is quite active in this part of Turkey, which is historically Christian. Many Christians do not have the option of withholding food and water from the PKK, should they appear on their doorstep. However, Turkey often targets these Christians for aiding a terrorist organization. Turkey’s beleaguered Christian community is trapped between the PKK and Turkish government, with no clear options on how to live out their lives in peace and security.

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