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02/10/2020 Iran (International Christian Concern) –  An Iranian Christian woman, Mary Fatemeh Mohammadi, who has been missing for almost four weeks after being arrested is believed to be detained within Qarchak Prison. Though these reports remain unverified, they suggest an alarming possibility as Qarchak Prison is known for having a strong component of sexualized harassment and torture.

Mary was arrested as she was leaving a protest in Tehran last month regarding the downing of a passenger airplane by Revolutionary Guard fired missiles. She is a rare example of a Christian human rights activists who was working hard to raise awareness about religious persecution and other abuses committed by the Iranian regime. She had been arrested before, but the mystery surrounding this detainment makes her disappearance all the more concerning.

Iran is an Islamic regime and has no patience for religious minorities to freely practice their faith. The government is hard-pressed by a discontented civilian population, many of whom blame Islam for the hardship that they face. As such, the government has only increased their pressure on religious minorities, especially Christians. The church in Iran is widely recognized as the fastest growing Christian community in the Middle East.

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