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02/03/2020 Syria (International Christian Concern) – The Autonomous Administration of Northeast Syria has announced their intentions of launching a local tribunal to hold ISIS militants accountable within the next three months.

Originally, there was much discussion regarding an international tribunal, especially since so many Europeans had joined the Islamic State. However, there were three main challenges to this proposal. These tribunals can take years to form, and there was fear that the U.N. Security Council would block its formation. The third challenge is that European countries have broadly refused to accept ISIS militants back into their countries for trials.

This has left the problem of ISIS to Middle Eastern countries. Officials in Syria’s autonomous region have repeatedly asked western countries to accept back their fighters, especially following the Turkish invasion last year, which split their resources. A local tribunal is their next step in this process, and they have asked for other countries support of this decision. However, they continue to emphasis that it is preferable that western countries accept their fighters back and pursue justice in their home countries.

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