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02/02/2020 Sudan (International Christian Concern) – A Sudanese businessman was recently detained upon his return to Sudan after five years in exile. The man, Samir Mousad Obid, was detained at  Khartoum Airport  on January 27, under the orders of the General Intelligence Service (GIS). This came shortly after the government in Sudan told the world that it had dropped all cases built by the Bashir regime against Sudanese people.

Mr. Obid’s trouble began in 2014 when he sold a large plot of land to a local Baptist Church. The church used the land to help the poor of the city find shelter and food, specifically orphaned children. The National Itelligence and Security Services(NISS) forced the church to emd all activity on the land. After this, the church sold the land back to Mr. Obid.

Then in 2015, the NISS forced Mr. Obid to sign over ownership of the land to them. Before he could finish the final documents however, he ran into exile. He spent the next 5 years trying to regain ownership of the land and be allowed to return home.

With the fall of the Bashir government and the new announcement, he believed it was safe to return home. It appears with his new harrassment, that the new Sudanese government has not changed as much as they want people to believe. Please pray for Mr. Obid, eho has been released from custody, but is not allowed to leave the country and will likely conitnue to be harrassed. Also pray that Sudan would have a true change.

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