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01/30/2020 Nigeria (International Christian Concern) – There were at least 16 Christians killed in attacks in Plateau State, Nigeria by Fulani militants. These involved multiple attacks in areas of Plateau State that have been prone to attacks before. First, on Jan 1, Ngam Stephen Dachung was shot and killed by militants when they attacked his village of Rim. Rim has been attacked on numerous occasions over the past ten years and has never had help from the Nigerian government to rebuild.

Second, on January 8, thirteen Church of Christ in Nation members were slain in Plateau state’s Kulben village, Mangu County. This attack was reportedly conducted by at least 20 Fulani militants. Area residents said that they have long lived in peace with the roaming herders, and were surprised by the attack.

Finally, militants raided the village of Torok in Riyom where they killed Rueben Bulus. Riyom county is near Bokkos county which was part of the largets recent attack in Palteau state. This attack in June 2018 killed more than 250 people and displaced tens of thousands of people. Despite this, the Nigerian government did nothing to stop a flood of herders who came in days after the attack and started grazing openly on farmland and used displaced families homes for shelter.

Please continue to pray for those in Nigeria who have lost their loved ones. The Christian community continues to suffer at the hands of both Boko Haram and Fulani militants who are eager to disrupt Christian life and stop the spread of the gospel.

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