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01/27/2020 Burkina Faso (International Christian Concern) – Burkina Faso has been placed on World Watch Monitor’s World watch list. After not being on the list at all in the recent past, Burkina Faso made the biggest jump out of any country this year. According to the group, they would have ranked the small West African nation as 61 if their list did not stop at 50. This means that their new ranking at 28, makes it a 33 rank jump. This is due to the rapidly increase terrorism and attack on Christians in the once peaceful country.

Burkina Faso was not the only country newly added to the list. Cameroon and Niger were also added as they pushed Mexico, Palestine, and Azerbaijan off of the list. Other notable jumps also included Morocco moving up 9 spots to 26, Qatar moving up 11 spots to 27, Sri Lanka moving up 16 spots to 30 and Bangladesh to 38.

Burkina Faso has been recognized as the fastest growing humanitarian crisis in Africa in 2019. With its addition to the list, this shows just how bad the terrorism and violence has grown in this small country. The government has been working hard to secure its borders, as many of those conducting these attacks are moving south from Mali. However, this has failed to stem the tide of blood that has started. Please continue to pray for those in Burkina Faso who are suffering such an extreme change in life, and are now suffering at the hands of very hateful men.

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