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01/25/2020 Sudan (International Christian Concern) – This past week, three temporary church structures were burned down in Bout, Sudan. It is believed that Islamist radicals in the area were guilty of burning down three churches on December 28th, 2019. These three buildings belonged to the Sudan Interior Church, Roman Catholic Church and Orthodox Church. After they were initially burned down, each of the congregations then built temporary structures. Each of these were then burned down again on January 16th.

An anonymous local pastor in Bout told Morningstar News confirmed this incident. “This incident is true; the three churches were set on fire twice in less than a month.” However, the new Minister for Religious Affairs, Nasr al-Din Mufreh has said that the government in Sudan is dedicated to religious freedom and has been investigating this situation. He said that as far as he knew, only one church had been attacked and the police had arrested and interrogated one suspect. They then released this suspect saying that there was not enough evidence.

If the new government in Sudan wants to show that it is truly changing, then they need to help rebuild these churches, prosecute those who conducted this act, and create and enforce extremely strict laws about attacking anyone of any faith and their places of worship. If they do not, then it will show that they have not changed as much as they have said.

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