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01/22/2020 Burkina Faso (International Christian Concern) – Yesterday, January 21, the government in Burkina Faso announced that an unnamed terrorist group attacked the village of Alamou in Sanmatenga province of northern Burkina Faso. The attack began when the armed terrorists forced their way into the town market, killing as many people as they could. They ended by burning the area down. No group has yet claimed responsibility for the attack, and it is unclear as to the purpose for it.

Due to this latest attack, one of the largest in the nations recent history, the government declared that there would be two days of nation mourning starting on Wednesday. This attack has followed in the wake of much devestation caused by Islamic insurgents in the North of the country. Mutliple terror groups have travelled south from Mali and set up bases in Burkina Faso’s remote Northern areas. This has led to what is becoming one of Africa’s fastest growing humanitarian crisis.

Since attacks heavily increased in early 2019, hundreds of people have been killed and hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced from their homes. The government in Burkina Faso has started military operations and closed their borders with Mali, but this has not effectively stemmed the tide of violence caused by these murderous groups. These groups have on a number of occasions specifically targeted Christians in order to punish them for their faith. At least 30 individuals were executed last year after refusing to renounce their faith and convert to Islam. Please pray for the safety of the people in Burkina Faso and for these groups to be stopped.

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