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01/20/2020 Iraq (International Christian Concern) – This past Thursday, the Nineveh Police Command’s SWAT team arrested a Sharia official and ISIS mufti in the city of Mosul. Shifa Al-Neama, nicknamed Abu Abd Al-Bari, had worked as a preacher in several mosques where he was educating about ISIS ideology and inciting affiliation. His arrest came just one day after the US military announced that it had resumed joint operations with Iraqi Forces against ISIS.

As an ISIS leader, he responsible for issuing fatwas in support of executing those Muslims who refrained to pledge allegiance to ISIS. He was also responsible for running gangs of ISIS and is believed to have ordered the destruction of heritage sites in Mosul. He had issued the fatwa which had destroyed the Tomb of the Prophet Jonah.

This arrest in Mosul underscores how the ideology of ISIS remains vibrant within the underbelly of the Nineveh Plains, even though the militants no longer maintain control of the territory. The Nineveh Plains is the traditional homeland of Iraq’s Christians, but the genocide of ISIS against religious minorities displaced the entire community. Most have not returned home, citing infrastructure and security concerns.

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