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01/19/2020 Pakistan (International Christian Concern) – In early 2018, a Canadian woman started raising funds to bring a Christian family from Pakistan to safety in Canada. The family is fleeing violent religious persecution from relatives because they converted from Islam to Christianity.

Pakistan is number five on the Open Doors 2020 World Watch List. It is most known for Islamic oppression against Christians, especially as it is a Muslim state. Therefore, institutionalized discrimination and disproportionate Blasphemy laws are used against Christians. It is more dangerous for converts because it is shameful to their community, and the family of the convert will, at best, cast them out.

Their Canadian advocate says the family experienced much worse than excommunication. The grandfather, a radicalized Muslim, and other militant members broke into the home of his son and attempted to kidnap the children. He was extremely angered that his son was a Christian and teaching the children Christian ways. For this, the parents were severely beaten yet miraculously survived.

It was clear that the family needed to leave and seek asylum in another country. They were approved two years later, from that point on the family set their sights for Canada so their children could have basic human rights. Dawn Wilson heard their story and asked the local church to be their sponsor. Thanks to their love and support, the family is safe in Canada. Wilson reflected on her church’s response and continued support for the refugee family, “[t]o see how much the church and Christians sacrificed to support each other…frankly, and nobody has ever sacrificed for me the way that these people sacrifice for each other. It taught me some real lessons of what Godly love looks like.”

The refugee family, from the moment they step off the plane, will be immediately supported and have a loving community of fellow refugees and immigrants.

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