ICC Supports Family Affected by Pakistan Bombing

01/03/2020 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern)On Easter Sunday 2016, Amir lost his brother and nephew during a bomb­ing that devastated countless families. Thousands of Christians were gathered in a local park in Lahore, Pakistan, when the blast suddenly transformed a scene of cel­ebration into tragedy. When the dust settled, at least 72 people were killed and more than 300 others were injured.

Shortly after the bombing, ICC connected with dozens of affected families to provide assistance in the midst of their grief. One of these individuals was Amir.

In November 2016, we provided Amir with all of the tools necessary to start up a barber­shop, including cosmetics, shelves, mirrors, chairs, and additional furniture. We recently checked in on Amir and his salon, and his business is still thriving over three years later!

Over the past few years, Amir has trained three Christians in the business and he is cur­rently training six more. Amir is providing this invaluable business training free of charge. He has also expanded his business so that the salon can serve seven customers at once.

Amir expressed, “I cannot pay back what­ever ICC did for me; however, I am committed to [training] other Christians to contribute my share with ICC’s mission of taking care of the suffering and downtrodden. I am optimistic that our contributions will bring fruits to the Christian community.”

Extending his gratitude for this business assistance, he added, “Today, with the grace of [the] Almighty, I am running my own business of [a] beauty salon for men with dignity and honor. I am proud to witness that it was not possible if ICC [had] not extended its great support towards me at those difficult times.”

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