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12/30/2019 Pakistan (International Christian Concern) – An interfaith Christmas celebration led by an organization called Strengthening Participatory Organization (SPO) was used to highlight the plight of sanitation workers in Pakistan. Historically, Christians make up the majority of Pakistan sanitation workforce due to widespread discrimination based on religious identity.

Speaking to the gathering of Muslims, Christians, and Hindus in Hyderabad, Father James expressed solidarity with sanitation workers and maintained that they deserve to be treated with equal respect. Advocate M. Parkash, a minority rights activist, went on to urged sanitation workers to promote the education of their children.

You are not born for this job only,” Advocate Parkash told the gathering. “You should enter the competition though education, which will keep all ways open for you to reach greater heights.

According to a study done by Open Doors USA, as much as 80% of the sanitation workforce of Pakistan’s Punjab province identified as Christian. This shows the extreme overrepresentation of Christians in Pakistan’s sanitation workforce when compared to their Christian’s overall population which only makes up 1.6% of Pakistan.

Christians are overrepresented in Pakistan sanitation workforce primarily due to discrimination based on religious identity. Multiple times a year, job advertisements calling for only Christians to apply to sanitation positions are highlighted as discriminatory by International Christian Concern.

In Pakistan, Christians are widely viewed as low caste or spiritually unclean. Thus Christians are only fit for lower and unclear jobs such as manual labor, domestic servitude, and sanitation.

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