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12/27/2019 Sudan (International Christian Concern) – Sudan has launched investigations into the major human’s rights abuses that have taken place in Darfur over the past nearly two decades. These abuses include genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity. All of these atrocities took place under the reign of then President Omar Hassan al-Bashir, who tried to end any dissent against his government through bloody and brutal tactics.

On Sunday, the Sudanese attorney general, Taj al-Sir al-Hibir, said that the government is looking into the atrocities committed in Darfur against the civilian population. This is the first time that the new Sudanese government has said that they might indict Bashir and his cronies for their human right’s violations. Bashir was brought up on charges at the International Criminal Court for these violations a decade ago. Though there was a warrant for his arrest, he was never turned over to the court by any of the countries he visited over the following years.

Bashir’s regime was ended in April 2019 after months of protests finally led the military to topple him in a bloodless coupe. He was also officially charged with corruption and illegal possession of foreign currency just one week ago. He has been sentenced to two years of detention. If the new government wants to truly solidify its power and stop the former regime from holding any influence, they must hold Bashir and his cronies accountable for the crimes in Darfur. These crimes would keep those men in jail for the rest of their lives and would show that the new government has severed all ties with the former powers in Sudan. Please pray for Justice and peace to reign in Sudan.

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