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12/24/2019 Pakistan (International Christian Concern) – On December 14, Daud Masih, a Christian teenager, was killed after reportedly being sexually assaulted by two Muslim men at an embroidery factory in Malikpur, located in the Faisalabad area of Pakistan’s Punjab province. According to Masih’s family, Sadaat and Rizwan assaulted and killed their son and must now be brought to justice.

Yasir Talib, a local human rights activist, told International Christian Concern (ICC), “Daud and his elder brother started working at the embroidery factory during the night shift about three months ago. They were additional breadwinners for the family as the mother is sick and their father is a day laborer.

Several weeks before his murder, Masih complained about unethical behavior from his Muslim co-workers. The owner of the factory, however, did not take notice of this complain. Therefore, Masih stopped going to the factory.

On December 14, the day of the incident, Masih returned to the factory because he was reportedly assured protection by the owner of the factory. Rizawan, one of the men accused of assaulting and murdering Masih, is the brother of the factory owner.

Local police have registered First Information Report # 998/19 regarding the murder. However, the individuals accused of the murder have not arrested. Masih’s family report they are being pressurized by Rizawan and the factory owner to withdraw the complaint regarding the murder of their son.

Although I am a poor Christian woman, I want justice for my son and punishment for those who killed Daud,” Daud’s mother, Safia, shared with ICC. “I will never go for compensation or reconciliation, as my son was killed brutally.

There must be speedy justice in this case,” Talib explained to ICC. “Legal procedures in criminal cases often go very slowly. Therefore, those accused are benefited in most cases which results in the victims losing their confidence in the judicial system.

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