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12/23/2019 Thailand (International Christian Concern) – Dozens of Pakistani Christian refugees in Bangkok, Thailand were arrested by immigration authorities on December 19 in an early morning raid. According to UCA News, an estimated 36 people, including children, were arrested in the raid.

The immigration officers “came knocking on doors and when the people inside didn’t open up, the officers broke the doors down,” Joseph, a Pakistan Christian refugee, told the media. “The authorities took them all, even the kids and women.

They are being held at a police station,” Joseph continued. “We done know what will happen to them.

Due to widespread discrimination and religious intolerance, many Pakistani Christians flee to Thailand seeking asylum. Unfortunately, immigration authorities in Thailand take a dim view of these asylum seekers and often treat them as illegal immigrants.

While many of these refugees file asylum cases with the United Nations High Commission on Refugees (UNHCR), it can take years before an individual case is heard. During this prolonged waiting period, many Pakistani Christian refugees are forced to hid out in Bangkok to avoid arrest and deportation by Thai authorities.

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