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12/20/2019 Iran (International Christian Concern) – The General Assembly of the United Nations passed a resolution on Wednesday which urged Iran to release all those detained for participating in the protests and anyone who was arrested for exercising their fundamental freedoms.

The protests in Iran were initially preceded by a surprise spike in gas prices, but quickly became defined by Iranians asking the government for an end to corruption, Islamic rule, and the protection of human rights. The Iranian government’s response was extremely harsh and well-organized. According to Amnesty International, 304 protesters were killed and possibly thousands injured.

The government maintains its power through the institutionalization of fear. Such is especially the case among Iranian Christians. It is common for the regime to visit Christians throughout the Christmas season, warning them to stay hidden and arresting their leaders. The protests have stretched the government’s resources thin—thus far, few arrests of Christians have been made public. However, since disappearances have become common practice throughout the protest period, it is difficult to know for sure just how the current season is impacting the Christian community.

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