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12/14/2019 Turkey (International Christian Concern) – A US Senate Resolution which recognized the massacre of Armenians by the Ottoman Empire has sparked outrage in Turkey. This resolution represents a unified recognition by the US Congress of the genocide, something which Turkey has spent multiple resources in framing as a so-called “national security” response.

The spokesperson for Turkey’s ruling AK Party said that the government strongly condemned the US decision to recognize the genocide. Turkey’s main opposition party also voiced condemnation of the resolution. Leading Turkish government figures accused those who recognize the genocide as engaging in the manipulation of history. However, the international arena, including historical scholarship, remains largely united in recognizing the mass murder of Armenian Christians in Turkey as a genocide.

While Turkey’s official position is that the massacre was not a genocide and instead was a justified mass killing, Turks themselves often use language which show that the intentions behind the massacre was indeed genocide. Armenians are viewed as the worst sector of society, and are often called “dirty.” As an example of the depth of this viewpoint, members of the Istanbul Bar Association recently published an article which described the Armenian genocide as Turkey’s “crowning achievement,” and threatened Armenians “with a new deportation which will be the lightest measure against them.”

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