Coptic Church Faces New Government Pressure?

12/09/2019 Egypt (International Christian Concern) – The arrest of Egyptian Christian activist Ramy Kamel on terrorism charges has resulted in an unusual Coptic Orthodox Church statement attempting to distance themselves from human rights activists.

The Bani Mazar Archdiocese issued a statement that a recent incident where a knife-wielding Islamic extremist attacked a Christian family was part of a normal dispute, not a sectarian dispute, as some activists are saying. Many local Christians, however, have maintained that it was a religiously motivated incident. Some Christians have expressed concern that the diocese is under increase pressure by security forces into this kind of statement, as the government is facing international condemnation for arresting Christian human rights activist who raised awareness on sectarian issues.

Meanwhile, the Defense Authority for Ramy Kamel (case number 1475 of 2019) has confirmed that part of the terrorism charges that Kamel faces has to do with forged receipts saying that he was receiving financial transfers from abroad. Egypt has made many attempts to isolate citizens from accessing any resources from abroad based on so-called national security issues.

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