Iran Protests Continue Shaking Regime

12/08/2019 Iran (International Christian Concern) – Three weeks after protests erupted in Iran, the ruling government is struggling with containment and public perception of the regime. The protests began because of a significant increase in gasoline prices, but quickly evolved into anti-government demonstrations. Security responded with violent aggression.

The country is only three months away from parliamentary elections, leaving the parties concerned on how to maintain their hold on the ballot box on February 21st. The government has refused to share official numbers regarding the impact of the protests and how the security overall responded. One Parliamentarian estimates that at least 7,000 Iranians were arrested. They will likely be freed on bail gradually, so that the government can report lower numbers, according to Radio Farda. Meanwhile, Iranian officials refuse to confirm the death count of those killed by security forces. Estimates widely vary, from in the hundreds to over 1,000.

It is customary for Christians in Iran to experience a wave of persecution in the weeks immediately preceding Christmas. However, it is not clear what kind of impact the ongoing protests will have on the government’s ability to pursue this kind of targeted persecution.

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