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12/07/2019 Burkina Faso (International Christian Concern) – This past Sunday, December 1, a church in the Eastern village of Hantoukoura was assaulted by unknown assailants during its typical Sunday service. In the process, 14 members of its congregation were killed, many of them children.

As tragic as the attack was however, the church leaders of the country have taken the trial with faith and perseverance. In triumphant defiance, one leader has called for the nation to embrace love in the midst of suffering as opposed to fulfilling the desire for vengeance.

Bishop Justin Kientega of Ouahigouya has called upon the nations of the West to halt the influx of weaponry to terrorists and to assist in stopping their forward progress. From the point of view of the Christians of Burkina Faso, the great nations of the Western states are sitting on their hands and doing considerably less than they ought to combat growing terrorism across the whole of the Sahel region.  Some say the West is even contented to merely ignore the issue.

Nevertheless, the whole of the country’s Christian community remains in mourning over the catastrophe. Such attacks have been growing in frequency since the end of the capable President Blaise Compaoré’s lengthy 27-year administration in 2014. Where the nation and its sizable Christian minority formerly enjoyed an atmosphere of internal peace and stability, it now experiences frequent raids by terrorist groups and insurgents based locally and internationally. Untold numbers now must reside in Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camps around the guarded metropolises of the nation and live off of whatever charity and subsistence they are able to muster.

Please be in prayer for the families of those lost to the growing jihadist conflict in the region.

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