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12/04/2019 Mali (International Christian Concern) – The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for an attack that occurred on November 20 in Mali that killed 30 soldiers.

The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the lives of many in military clashes that have occurred in Mali and along Niger and Burkina Faso borders. The push of ISIL out of the Middle East has caused an increase of Islamic State movement across the Sahel region of Africa, as noted by the recent attack.

Over 100 soldiers have died in Mali since October at the hands of militants with ties to the Islamic State. The Islamic State, intent on persecuting Christians in its wake, has begun fueling long standing hostilities between ethnic groups of the Sahel region.

The uptick in religious extremism has caused serious concern for Mali’s Christian communities. Nearly 1000 schools have reportedly closed due to high levels of violence and insecurity. Mali ranks 24 on Open Doors’ World Watch List, with high persecution levels coming from extremist militant groups as the government is unable to manage the level of influence and terror the militants carry.

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