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11/22/2019 Pakistan (International Christian Concern) – On November 16, a mob of 50 Muslim men wielding guns and other weapons attacked the Christian families of Jhalar Peer Bakash, a small neighborhood located in Lahore. As a result of the attack, a Christian teen, Sonia Sarwar, was killed and six others were severely wounded.

The attack was aimed at displacing around ten Christian families from this area,” Nazir Masih, whose legs were wounded in the attack, told International Christian Concern (ICC). “Arshad Kambho, an influential Muslim, wants to grab the property of the Christians.

According to Bashir Masih, another Christian resident of Jhalar Peer Bakash, Kambho has been trying to steal the properties of the Christian families since 2015. Back then, Kambho submitted an application in court claiming that he is the rightful owner of Jhalar Peer Bakash. This claim was rejected in 2016 and the court issued a final judgment in favor of the Christians. Unsatisfied, Kambho appealed the lower court’s decision, but had his claim to Jhalar Peer Bakash rejected again in 2018 by the Supreme Court.

Since then, Kambho has been creating disputes with the Christians to damage them and drag them into an allegation,” Bashir Masih reported.

Nearby is one of the country’s leading housing schemes,” Nazir Masih explained. “It is an opportunity for land grabbers and investors, so Kambho is harassing the Christians to get them to leave their properties. That will give him a change to sell the Christians’ property to the housing authority at an attractive price.

“Arshad Kambho and his companions have done injustice to us,” Nazir Maish continued. “He has killed a girl, injured others, and violated the court’s orders. Therefore, he should be punished for his actions.

The police have registered a First Information Report (FIR # 971/19) against the attackers. However, none of the assailants identified in the FIR have been arrested by police.

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