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11/16/2019 Cameroon (International Christian Concern) – On November 6, David Mokoni, a retired pioneer pastor, and a hearing-impaired Christian boy were brutally killed by Boko Haram during an assault on a church in the late evening.  The attack took place in the township of Moskota, in the Far-North of Cameroon.

Two pastors and a few others escaped the scene, some of whom are presently receiving hospital care.  The church in question was destroyed but only after all valuables and supplies had been taken.  Not only was the church destroyed, but much of the village was lost to flames and destruction as well.  All food and useful supplies were taken, leaving the village with next to nothing for the survivors.  This was only the second attack of the week, the latest in a string of similar incidents since October 30.  These attacks have left 8 civilians dead and a thousands of others displaced and without hope.

Boko Haram has begun selectively targeting Christian-majority settlements where possible across the extreme North of Cameroon and Nigeria.  In eliminating Christian populations, the region grows ever closer to the reestablishment of a West African caliphate, a type of government which the region has not formally known since the Fall of the Sokoto Caliphate to the British Empire almost two centuries ago.  The United Nations estimates that over 170,000 citizens of Cameroon have been forced from their homes and villages by hostile insurgencies.

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