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11/10/2019 Nigeria (International Christian Concern) – A week ago, a wandering band of Fulani Herdsman in central Jigawa State attacked a patrolling police officer and a farmer in retribution for actions against them.

Last Friday, November 8, 2019, a few Fulani herdsmen were reported disrupting local farms and civil centers around the government areas of Kirikasamma and Guru, prompting local farmers and townsmen to request the presence of regional police forces.    In response to this, several officers reported to the area and followed ordersto stop the harrassment by the Fulani. They reportedly made the Fulani leave the area around 7 pm in order to accomplish this.

However, seeking retribution for the government’s actions against them, a few Fulani returned approximately one hour later and shot a local farmer and police officer multiple times with arrows.  The officer was reportedly hit by arrows in his thigh, stomach, and head, yet miraculously survived the encounter, being hospitalized in Nguru.  The Farmer also survived and was returned to his dwelling for local care.  The police have since returned to the area for the time being.

Please be in prayer for the affected following the damage inflicted to local farms and farmers. Stay in constant prayer for the crisis in Nigeria which has taken thousands of lives over the past two years and is continuing today.

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